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A cross-platform application where players can enjoy multiple PvP skill games and and make wages or play casual games to relax.

There are apps that allow player to monetize their gaming skills. Our Israeli Client came up with the idea to create a platform for competitive gamers and fill it with numerous custom titles of different genres. Also the app was to give its users the ability to wage against their opponents in PvP matches. We were asked to design and develop the app for web, iOS and Android.

The first challenge was to create a catchy, intuitive and adaptive UI/UX. Our designers did a good job that was approved by the Client after just a couple of revisions. Upon completing the design, we started working on web and Android versions in parallel. 
We left iOS development for later - as iPhones are way more standardized when compared to Android devices.
Having integrated the payment system, our team also we developed over a dozen skill games for the platform. 

The app is now up and running on web and Android. We are finalizing the iOS version.
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