Our Story

Sabi niya bakasyon lang, pero di na bumalik! (She said, she’ll take a quick vacation but did not come back). I need my personal space but I also need a maid. She wants better pay with less work duties. Trust is mostly an issue,
I need peace of mind. These hugot lines are just some of the founders’
sentiments in search of a trustworthy and highly skilled house helper.

Our families and friends are constantly searching for the perfect home helper and we usually end up compromising our standards. Clean Zone Ph is a
product of disappointments, desperation, perspiration, and determination to help solve an evolving domestic problem.

We are all condominium dwellers and in the area where Clean Zone Ph is situated, there are eight condo establishments erected next to each other. There are also countless companies around us. We are not the only ones going through these challenges. We just thought of responding to this
opportunity and never expected how big the need is until now.

We now know that there’s no such thing as perfect domestic help, good thing there’s Clean Zone Ph.

We are not the only cleaning service provider out there. Our value proposition is the best customer and high-quality cleaning service. Our founders are products of high-quality customer service, both from the international and banking industry. We are also obsessed with cleanliness and an organized environment. This is an important family thing that we all share.

Our core is quality service you can trust thus we closely monitor our cleaning projects. We start with the serious development of our regular employees and tailored fit service and product offerings. Every satisfied customer gives us honor and pride.

Experience Clean Zone Ph!

Allow us to elevate your cleaning experience. Gone are the days when we need a full-time house and office help. We are your quality, professional, and trusted on-call cleaning partner.


RC Flores
CFO & Co-founder
Clean Zone Ph

Your trusted Officers’ Profile

They are your ordinary kasambahay (house helper) with extraordinary goals
of improving their family’s lives. They trusted Clean Zone Ph’s management
and hope to make a long term decent career in the company. They are elevating
housekeeping standards with their impeccable customer service and cleaning skills
by living Clean Zone Ph standards.

Clean Zone Ph has thoroughly screened and continuously trains
all cleaning officers. They are background checked and complied
with our strict employment requirements.

They are salaried employees and not commission based workers. This is
Clean Zone Ph’s way of caring for them. This is also another way of
closely monitoring and developing the quality of work they produce.
Be an instrument of their growth by booking an officer and
giving generous feedback on their work output.

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  • Mission

    “To be an excellent provider of quality cleaning services that our clients trust.”

  • Vision

    “By 2025, Clean Zone Ph  services will be the biggest, leading and trusted household name in the country.”