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restaurant awning

Shop the materials you need for any awning project. Find awning fabric, awning hardware (like Z brackets, awning molding, and other awning frame parts), cleaning supplies, and more for all types of awnings. Whether for residential vs. commercial awnings or stationary vs. retractable awnings, discover top brands used in the awning industry.

fabric assortment

For comfortable fabrics woven to withstand the mishaps of daily life, in or outdoor, look to our designer & workroom page. Search upholstery and drapery fabrics by color, pattern, or collection. Browse performance furniture fabric brands like Sunbrella® and Phifertex®. You'll also find related upholstery supplies, like thread, embellishments, and tools.

boat on lake

Marine professionals use many types of products involved in marine projects. This targeted page allows you to locate marine fabric, marine-grade hardware (like boat top fittings, snap fasteners, and tubing), trim (like color-matched hidem gimp), and more in one place. Find supplies from top-rated brands for marine upholstery, boat tops, enclosures, and other marine projects.

shade sails

Find all types of products involved in shade projects on one page. Here you'll find products like HDPE shade sail fabric, shade sail hardware (like bow shackles, brackets, and dee rings), and PTFE thread (like GORE® TENARA® thread or Aruvo®). Shop all products designed specifically for the shade industry for tension shade structures and architectural shade.

bench with pillows

Different upholstery projects require different kinds of fabrics. Whether for indoor upholstery, outdoor furniture, sling chairs, or decorative pillows, you'll find the materials you need in one place. Shop hundreds of high-performing upholstery fabrics from Sunbrella®, Phifertex®, and Aura. You'll also find upholstery tools (like shears and fabric marking pencils), fabric cleaners (like 303® Multi-Surface Cleaner), and more.