VR game for Steam

An award winning fantasy defence game with a unique AI
Flying Whale
The goal was to create a VR exclusive first person fantasy shooter filled with impressive special effects and exciting game tracks. Also, the additional task was to develop an AI that could learn to craft items by tracking Player's hands.
We wanted to design and develop a games for several VR devices to demonstrate abilities of Unity 3D Engine. This project was not being viewed as a commercial one. So we had to deal with a limited budget and yet ensure cool user experience.

Fighting off waves of incoming enemies was just the right solution from the level design perspective. We were able to create a grim fantasy environment without having to design a huge map with too many elements of the environment. Which allowed us to focus on quality talking into account budget restrictions.
The game won an award at an Immersive Gaming exhibition. When we have some free in-house resources, we will re-design the game to make it a commercial success.
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